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9 Sentiment Analysis Blogs You Should Read

9 Sentiment Analysis Blogs You Should Read

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·Aug 2, 2021·

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On the surface, sentiment analysis may appear to be simply the process of categorizing text as positive, negative, or neutral. However, in today’s competitive environment, it has evolved into a requirement. In order to stay relevant and find a suitable way to advance their business, businesses must constantly monitor and be aware of their customer base.

This has opened up new opportunities for sentiment analysis in areas such as politics, stock market forecasting, and product development. As a result, complete knowledge of it is required.

So, if you’re looking for information on it and want to know which blogs to read or which tools to use, here’s a simple list of some of the established and new blogs on sentiment analysis to help you understand it better.

Bytesview — What is Sentiment Analysis? A Definitive Guide



Let us begin with a relatively new blog; it is an elegantly written and easy-to-understand article that includes the definition, inner workings, challenges encountered while developing a sentiment analysis model, and sentiment analysis application. The language here is simple to understand making it the best option for anyone who is unfamiliar with the topic.

Brand24 — What is sentiment analysis and how to do it by yourself



In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about sentiment analysis, including who uses it, how it’s done, what challenges you might face while performing sentiment analysis, and, most importantly, how you can perform sentiment analysis on your own.

Callminer — What is Sentiment Analysis? Examples, Best Practices, & More

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This article contains an in-depth guide to sentiment analysis, including examples, use cases, benefits, and challenges you may face, as well as the best tips and advice on the subject.

Algorithmia — Introduction to sentiment analysis


image.png With the usual definition, application, and challenges associated with sentiment analysis, this blog takes it a step further by involving the technical aspect of sentiment analysis and providing additional reading material for the more curious among us.

Talkwalker — Sentiment Analysis Guide


image.png Talkwalker's guide includes a detailed explanation of their online sentiment analysis tool and why it is important for your brand, additional methods for performing sentiment analysis, and a real-life example of a company using sentiment analysis and how it benefited them.

Unamo — Understanding Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Monitoring


image.png Unamo’s blog explains the uses of sentiment analysis in our daily lives, how it is performed, and the Importance of Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Monitoring.

Revuze — Hacking the product rating race with sentiment analysis.


image.png The article published by Revuze is an excellent way to comprehend the customer feedback analysis application of sentiment analysis, as it includes all of the usual definition challenges and use cases, as well as its application on ratings and reviews using a specific industry as an example.

Towards Data Science — Sentiment Analysis


image.png This article takes a much more technical approach, as it explains the building blocks and a deep-dive analysis of the company uber regarding the public sentiment around the brand over all social media channels and news

MonkeyLearn — Everything There Is to Know about Sentiment Analysis


image.png The final and most aptly named blog concludes on a high note. It contains all of the information you need to know about sentiment analysis. It covers the fundamentals, inner workings, use cases, and applications, as well as a list of online tools and tutorials (free and paid) It also contains a collection of research papers, books, and courses that you can use to gain a better understanding of the process.

I hope this list would be able to help you.

Till next time.

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